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Forex Economic Calendar

An economic calendar is an invaluable trading tool which is often overlooked and undervalued by traders. Being ahead of the curve; knowing the timetable of economic releases by way of a calendar, is an absolutely vital aspect to support trading performance. Having access to a thorough, comprehensive and detailed economic calendar, is extremely important and for FX traders this value takes on increased emphasis.

How to take advantage of your Calendar

  • Set a date range for the calendar
  • Select which continent the data relates to
  • Select which country the data relates to
  • Restrict your calendar to highlight certain publications and releases
  • Select the level of impact; high, medium or low

Macro economic events, reports and data releases, published by: governments, government departments and certain private organisations; such as Markit with their highly respected and anticipated PMIs, can dramatically affect a currency's value, particularly if weighed versus another currency peer.

With this in mind FXCC have added an interactive and intuitive economic calendar for our valued clients. As with many economic calendars it has all the simple features and benefits we have come to expect from a basic calendar. However, we have added some extra content and context to ensure our calendar has increased relevance for our clients. The calendar also has a feature illustrating the levels of market impact a news release has had.

When selecting the various parameters by way of the buttons, FXCC clients will be able to set their preferences.


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