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About Us Stepupfx


Stepup FX was founded by a group of inspired financial professional, building on their experience in the financial markets. Our strategic objective is to become one of the largest and most successes full financial institutions in the provision of forex, stock and commodity trading, as well as Crypto currency services. Stepup FX is a company providing financial services to thousands of private and corporate investors from global world. Stepup FX is a reliable investment company that has been successfully operating on the financial market since 2009. We worked successfully together 6 years in the local investment field, until Oct 2012, as we started to expand our investment circle and maximize our capital through offering investment opportunities to both individuals and companies, and we began to accept members globally. The matter that would maximize the invested capital, strengthen the company's capital and increase the chances of profit generation. We are confident that as we managed to meet spectacular success in the local investment, we will achieve bigger success in the global investment as long as we stay subject of investors' trust. Every trader or any other employee of Stepup FX is well-experienced. Our team consists of highly eligible analysts who are proficient in their analysis. These analysts, using their experience and latest software tools, are able to predict the movements in Forex market on time and with high accuracy. As a result, we profit the most out of the Forex market.

We founded Stepup FX with one goal in mind - making our company one of the most “Trusted and Respected” investment company in the world with first-class client services for high level of client satisfaction. Under this consistent mission, we will be fully committed to be the world’s most trusted and respected Investment Company.

Stepup FX launched with the concept of providing people more income source than they already have, means “Extra Source of income”. We provide people the opportunity to work from home by getting their part- time jobs and able to get extra income from it.

At Stepup FX you will work with the team not as an individual. We believe that if can work, then you can earn. We provide you the opportunity of work in part time job from your home. No need to go anywhere, just earn money with working from your home and be a self employer.

We have an individual approach for every client. We always act with sympathy and dignity, reflecting our belief that treating customers and colleagues with empathy, sincerity and respect lead to harmony, goodwill and mutual growth.

Our Ideology


Our vision

We strive to be the preferred supplier of financial advice in the world. We also strive to bring together investors and borrowers in order to give the investor the best possible return on fund and the borrower the most cost effective funding.



Do things right as well as do the right things

React swiftly and competently to relevant changes and new challenges.

Embrace the spirit of continuous improvement.


We believe

Modern and excited new ideas with a strong passion and entrepreneurship spirit.



Build a business that is grounded on principles of integrity, reliability, and client focus.

Establish a true World entity that provides all the services required by our clientele.

Use diversity to the benefit of the organization.



Act with the utmost professionalism in all transactions.

Employ the best-trained individuals to manage your finance.

Constantly create new ideas and translate them into action.



Develop a real relationship with our clients. If you take care of the client the client will take care of you.

Treat everyone with the respect and dignity they deserve.

Be open and truthful with clients.



Be honest in all dealings with all stakeholders.

Treat all information regarding our clients and the organization with utmost confidentiality.

Always act in the best interest of our clients and the organization.

Take responsibility and ownership for our actions.


Our mission

To be a premier financial services company helping people in building their security by providing expert financial advice to them with innovative financial products and quality investment solutions through dedicated service.

To create livelihood solutions across the length and breadth of the country.

To fulfill its role as a responsible corporate citizen.

To provide a supportive and rewarding environment for employees.


Core ideology

Relationship and trust foster real relationships with clients that will build trust and ultimately achieve both clients and organizational objectives.

Dedication create a workforce i.e. totally committed to the ideals of the organization.

Innovation establish an organization that constantly searches for ways to improve what it does and how it does it. Regularly creates new ideas and translates them into action.

We Offer Best and Affordable Investment Portfolio For You.

Our Team

Our staffs consist of elite of employees competent in investment management affairs, with extensive experience in funds management and forex market, stock market, commodities and real estate business under the existing economic circumstances. Each of these departments is composed of a functional hierarchy starting with the head of the department down to the support employees at the department.

We consider our professional and dedicated staffs as an important asset of the company, since the team spirit and desire to innovate combines it, in addition to achieving the highest levels of excellence at business and client service level.

The organizational structure contains several departments as follows:

  • Administrative department
  • Accounts management department
  • Clients technical support
  • Financial department
  • Forex, Stock market traders
  • Technology department

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